Buying electronics and furniture for your new Basel apartment

If you’ve moved to Basel, Switzerland from abroad, you  probably didn’t bring you electronics and furniture along with you. Or at least not everything! We all know Switzerland is an expensive country, so where can you get the things you need to make your new flat a home? There are various different stores that cater to different price ranges in the Basel region. I’ll mention a few of these, then you can make up your mind on your own.

Conforama: Carries big and small appliances and various electronics as well as furniture and most of the things you need to set up the rest of your flat. Conforama has low prices. Take care when purchasing Swiss appliances (from anywhere), as you need to make sure they fit into the holes in the countertops.

Ikea: Carries furniture, kitchen and bathroom knick-knacks, light fixtures, but no electronics. Conforama and Ikea both have stores located in the same plaza in Pratteln, just outside of Basel. You can get there by bus or tram, and the store is often open late enough that you can go after work. Check the opening hours before going, as the store is only open late on certain days. Both of these stores provide furniture as flat-pack, most of the time,and for some extra, both will deliver and put together your furniture for you.

Fly is another shop selling furniture and household items, located in Basel, near the Dreispitz tram stop. They have some great stuff there, like beds, garden furniture, wardrobes, housewares.

If you are fine paying higher prices, try Interio and Pfister. They have very nice furniture geared to a more upscale market.

If you are budget conscious, try some of the second-hand shops found all over Basel. These shops will have what you need, at a reasonable price.

If you plan to set up a home office, Office World is a good bet. They carry office materials, office furniture, lighting and everything else you’d need for your home office.

These are just a few of the shops in Basel that can help you furnish your flat. For much more detailed information on buying furniture, appliances or electronics in Basel, Switzerland click here.

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